In Lonnie Busch's novel, The Baldwin Hotel, past and future collide in this mind-twisting plunge into choices and consequences.

“Like riding a roller coaster, only instead of going up, down, and around, I found myself getting deeper into the mind of Theodore Trumbull.” — Jeannie Chambers, author of Tunnel of Time and Arnetta

“Boy was this a mind bender of a book that I enjoyed very much. It read like a sci-fi film.” — Belinda C, Amazon reviewer

“It reminded me of “Scarecrow Has a Gun” by Michael Paul Kozlowsky which also raised questions about science while being thoroughly entertaining.”— Caroline Lewis, Goodreads

 “If you enjoy a story that is going to stay in your head long after you’ve finished it, I think you’ll love “The Baldwin Hotel.”Janaya, Amazon reviewer

“Lonnie’s writing is very fast, and honestly quite comforting. That kind of writing that sucks you into a different world and makes it seem like two paragraphs were two whole chapters, such an emotional and ambient charge that each description of it brings.” Carolina, Goodreads

Game designer Theodore Trumbull understands the addictive allure of video games; the chance for unlimited do-overs until you achieve your goal! As a young boy, Theodore was granted a cosmic do over and chose a different outcome to spare his best friend a brutal thrashing, though his choice resulted in another boy’s death. Theodore had glimpsed the future or changed the past, he would never be sure, but the event destroyed his childhood.

It’s 1979 and Theodore is about to be given another opportunity to choose a different outcome, to save someone he loves. But this time there’s another player in the game, his boss, president of DreamCo, Frank Cantwell, a corporate gladiator with an insatiable appetite for wealth, and a dangerous fixation on the paranormal.

Through a disturbing synchronicity, Theodore and Cantwell are flung back together to explore their haunting connection to each other, one that stretches across two thousand miles and nearly two decades, all the way back to The Baldwin Hotel.

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About the Author

Lonnie Busch is an award-winning author whose work has also appeared in Southwest Review, The Minnesota Review, The Baltimore Review and others. His awards include the Clay Reynolds Novella Prize, finalist for the Tobias Wolff Award for Fiction, and the Glimmer Train Very Short Fiction Award. He is also a painter, illustrator, animator who has created artwork for many companies including the “Greetings from America” stamps and “Wonders of America” for the USPS.

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