Portfolio of Services

Editorial, Man vs Machine, The iSpot, Stock Images, 3D, Cinema 4D, by Lonnie Busch, Franklin, North Carolina

Editorial Illustration

Editor & Publisher, IBM Systems Magazine, Wall Street Journal, AAA Westways, ACC Docket, NYU Physician Magazine…

Food Illustration, Key Lime Frozen Pie Bar, for Resource One Marketing Firm, St. Louis, Missouri, by Lonnie Busch, Franklin, North Carolina

Food Illustration

Pepsi, Smartfood, Nestea, Gerber, International Delight, Nestlé, GNC, Snickers, Mars, Flav-O-Rich, Mead-Johnson…

Product Visualization, JusB Energy Drink, splash, 3D, Cinema 4D, by Lonnie Busch, Franklin, North Carolina

Product Visualization

Personna, Dove, Miller Brewing, Oral-B, Enfamil, Diagraph Corporation, Phillips Fastener LLC, Energizer Personal Care, Stroh Brewing Company…

Realism, Realistic Illustration, Wood Type, Walgreens, 3D, Cinema 4D, by Lonnie Busch, Franklin, North Carolina


Walgreens, Pizza Hut, Associations Now Magazine, Boehringer Ingelheim, Teradata Magazine, The iSpot Stock Images…

Cartoon Characters, Peeples, Cartoon Crowd, The iSpot, Stock Images, by Lonnie Busch, Franklin, NC

Cartoon Characters

Intel, Seagate, Anheuser-Busch, Fisher-Price, Milton Bradley, Gerber, Mars, Panda Travel, R.J. Reynolds, Dreyer’s Ice Cream…

Animation, Western Union, 3D, Cinema 4D, by Lonnie Busch, Franklin, North Carolina


Western Union, Datafeedr, Cosi, Jolly Rancher, Brosway Italia, Smart, Regions Bank, The Photo Center, Joe Fresh Brand, Doritos…


“I thought it was a real photo when I opened the file. It looks FANTASTIC!!!!!!!! You made our day!”

Lori Anderson Art Director/Photogrpaher | AAA Westways Magazine

“Lonnie Busch was my go-to-illustrator. He aced every assignment with a thorough understanding of the complex issues the newspaper industry faced.

Reiko Matsuo Art/Design Director | Editor & Publisher magazine

“It has been a pleasure working with you and I hope we can do so again in the future.

I will be sure to send you some of the final printed samples.”

Jennifer Wills Co-Founder | W+W Design

“I have always considered Lonnie to be the best Illustrator I have ever had the pleasure of working with. He has always delivered a top drawer product, on time and with a minimum of direction.”

Tom Rogers V.P. Executive Creative Director | LaSalle Group Inc.

“Lonnie was a great partner when we worked together on our National CPG clients. He’s the best as what he does, and a pleasure to work with.

Dave Burke SVP, Delivery | Moxie

“Lonnie has helped us create memorable artwork for packages from iconic kid friendly animals and super heroes to a luscious fruit or refreshing drink. He does it all and on time!”

Connie Obarowski Vice President | Biondo Group

A Bit of Back story

I started my career in commercial art at Washington University in St. Louis. From there I landed a job at Exodus Design Studio. Eventually I went to Steven Blives and Associates, and after a few years, set out on my own to pursue my love of illustration. Since then, with an airbrush as my main medium, I created illustration for advertising campaigns, posters, commemorative stamps, magazine covers, packaging, and billboards for companies across the United States. (Below you can see a list of some of the clients I’ve had the pleasure of working with over the years.)

Then, just before the new millennium, the United States Postal Service commissioned me to create a block of fifty commemorative stamps entitled, “Greetings from America.” Several years later I designed a block of forty stamps called, “Wonders of America,” released in May of 2006. In all, I have created well over a hundred stamps for the USPS.

Around Y2K, I chose to retire my airbrush and throw myself into the digital world by purchasing a Mac computer. With my first project in this totally new digital medium, I was amazed to see how much I could retain the look of my airbrush work I had spent years developing. And with the advent of new software, came the possibility of new creative expressions such as animation and motion graphics… and writing! Check out my new novel from Blackstone Publishing: The Cabin on Souder Hill.

From airbrush to Mac

A client of mine saw a connection between my name, Busch, and my medium for creating illustration, the “airbrush,” and the name for my studio was born—airbusch1. (the numeral “1” came about because of a Yahoo snafu—long, boring story—but I liked the “1” so I kept it.)

Though the name of my studio has remained, my airbrush is long gone. And if you are wondering what an airbrush is, I’ll give you a brief description. Basically, it’s a very fine paint sprayer the size of a pen, capable of incredible detail and amazingly smooth color transitions. Using a combination of friskets and acetate cutouts, and a steady hand, I was able to create nearly photographic results, while still retaining an “illustrated” quality to my work. The style lent itself to many ad treatments where a touch of “realism” or even “surrealism” was needed. The airbrush defined my style.

Because of that, it was a bit frightening to move to the computer. But with my first Mac came an amazing new realization. Not only could I achieve the look that had kept me busy for years, but now I could do so much more. At first I created all my work in Photoshop. Eventually I moved to other software applications, 3D programs such as Vue and Cinema 4D. Video editing programs like Final Cut Pro, Motion, and After Effects. This opened a whole new and exciting world for me—Animation and Motion Graphics. Please have a look at my Animation page.

Some Brands, Companies & Publications I’ve Worked With

Client list, Western Union
Client list, Cosi Restaurant
Client list, Personna Razor
Client list, Mead-Johnson Nutrition
Client list, Dove
Client list, IBM Systems Magazine
Client list, Novartis
Client list, Snickers, Mars
Client list, GNC, General Nutrition Center
Client list, Miller Beer
Client list, Automobile Association of America, AAA, Auto Club
Client list, Anheuser-Busch, Inc
Client list, United States Postal Service
Client list, Gerber
Client list, Newsweek
Client list, The Wall Street Journal, WSJ
Client list, Nestle
Client list, Intel
Client list, Editor & Publisher Magazine
Client list, Smartfood
Client list, Milton Bradley
Client list, Oral-B
Client list, Molson Canadian